Now for Something Completely Different…


Can you name the Game? [Guess before reading the comments!]

An artist from New York. Will has been writing, designing, and loving video games since he was young. He has traveled across the United States, and parts of Canada in order to learn more about the world of gaming. After visiting E3 for the first time in 2009, he has vowed to return there and show off a game of his own. In his spare time he tinkers with electronics, programming, and of course collecting video games.


  1. Street Fighter?

  2. Street Fighter on the Atari 2600!

  3. street fighter 2

  4. Yeah, it’s Street Fighter 2 on the 2600 using nothing but playfield graphics.

    And that’s the twinkiest Zangief has ever looked.

  5. Well, not like I’m saying anything new, but it’s Street Fighter. I only figured that out cuz of Chun Li (I think that’s her name… U know.. The Chinese girl…)

  6. Streeeeeeet Fightor

    aka Street Fighter

  7. Blanca gave it away.

  8. This proofs how strong the design of street fighter is!

  9. Ryu, ???, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, ???

    Which two am I missing?

  10. You’re missing Honda and Dhalshim ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Definetly Street Fighter II. The second one should be Honda and the last one should be Dalshim (the original roster of SFII).

  12. It’s from the upcoming Activision cross-over:
    Street Fighter vs Freeway

  13. thats an easy one

  14. no idea. What is a Street Fighter? Never played it.

  15. The first guy gave it away lol.
    street fighter is a fighting game blue rock

  16. Street fighter 2. Duh, its the color schemes for Ryu, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, and Dhalsim

  17. I think it looks like my last computer defrag… lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. street fighter simples

  19. This abstraction would look beautiful on my wall.

  20. Street Fighter! It’s gotta be Street Fighter!

  21. streat fighter

  22. this is just an amazing piece of art. luv u, infendo freaks ๐Ÿ™‚