Bayonetta 2 trailer explores Hell, Nintendo territory, and Bayonetta 1 combo package

Funny what can happen within the course of a two-minute trailer. The newest trailer for Bayonetta 2 gives players a more in-depth look at the game while making a couple of key announcements. First (and forgive me, I’m not familiar with the first Bayonetta game), it seems the titular hero will don at least a few Nintendo-inspired costumes within the course of her second outing. The trailer shows her in Princess Peach-esque garb, Link’s heroic green tunic, and Samus Aran’s power suit.

Perhaps many Nintendo fans are like me and hadn’t heard of Bayonetta until the sequel was announced for Wii U. Any fans within that category will have the opportunity to play the first Bayonetta on their Wii U as a bonus that comes with number 2. Check out the trailer above for all this and more.

View the full Nintendo Digital Event here.

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