Infendo’s 2017 GOTY Awards

On this week’s show, we gave our Game of the Year awards out to 14 different categories. In case you missed the fun, but can’t wait for the produced show (or the Early Birdo Special to our patrons), you can find all of our selections here! What do you think, do you agree with our choices? Did we miss a truly amazing game you want to get recognition? Let us know in the comments below! &...

Bayonetta 2 trailer explores Hell, Nintendo territory, and Bayonetta 1 combo package

Funny what can happen within the course of a two-minute trailer. The newest trailer for Bayonetta 2 gives players a more in-depth look at the game while making a couple of key announcements. First (and forgive me, I’m not familiar with the first Bayonetta game), it seems the titular hero will don at least a few Nintendo-inspired costumes within the course of her second outing. The trailer sh...

Bayonetta 2 NYCC Interview

Full disclaimer: I am a big Bayonetta fan.  So I was excited to hear more about the title in a New York Comic Con interview.  David Young, Nintendo’s Assistant PR Manager, gave a short talk about the game’s features.  I will let you view the video to see for yourself but Young describes the game as “non-stop crazy action”, ergo expect craziness. Bayonetta 2 comes out for Wii U in 2014.