Attack of the Ads!!!

Boo. Infendo gets ads and has lost its purity. As much as the designer in me hates to see it, it was inevitable. Hopefully the added text won’t alienate anyone too much. (darn Google)


  1. OK, that’s it. I’m outta here!

  2. bout time, i was completely aghast that this site didn’t have ads for so long, i mean the world doesn’t run on “you guys are awesome” and “best site ever”. Right?

  3. Could you add some more? I don’t think you used all the white space possible

  4. With all of my lovely firefox extensions, there was absolutely no change… 🙂

    I popped over to IE to view the changes, and I’m glad I have firefox

  5. Raven, my site will never have ads. I understand the sites that do, I just want to say that sometimes you don’t need them. 🙂

  6. I didn’t even notice in all honesty.

    Whatever kees this site up!

  7. Do you want me to click on them a whole bunch to give you some extra cash?

  8. Don’t worry about it, I hope you make some extra scrap. As long as the site stays up…

  9. I doubt it’ll be too big a deal…just one step further is becoming a larger site

  10. Seriously, there is a difference between google ads and completely ruining the aesthetics of your site and this is horrible. You had a nice sleak look and now it looks cheap. You gotta change this quick, i love your site but this will make so many people run away from it.

  11. Are you serious? This isn’t that bad at all. There was a bunch of empty space on the side anyway.

  12. well the empty space was nice to look at and let me focus on the content. now, the white space has turned into clutter. this one sleak looking site now looks like any random blog out there only with better content but still, unappealing to me visually.

  13. Sell outs! I will not take this!!

    Oh wait, i work here 😕 Teehee

  14. I think it still looks way better than the vast majority of blogs and game sites out there. At least we don’t have every color imaginable assaulting us. Still just black, red and white. More than clean enough for me to focus.

  15. In truth, I hadn’t even noticed.

    Before I’d always gone to the other gaming sites trying to gather what I could about Nintendo, but all the other gaming junk got in the way.

    I love this site. I can go here, get totally updated, and not have to sift through the “xBox 360 totaly RULEZ” junk. As far as I’m concerned, this site remains uncluttered.

  16. Well I clicked all the ads, I check your site, I figured its the least you could do

    Now you do a favour for me and send people to my blog 😉

    Although I am sure some of my posts will be interesting, that I am such a N fanboy… my girlish screams “REEEEEVOOOOOOOOLUUUUUUSHONNNN!” and such… lol

    I will click occassionaly to make sure you see some scratch ^^

  17. Oh no the end is coming soon! No I must never return to this blog!

    Ok it’s not actually that bad, just adds more balk to the site, but hey you can’t prevent these sort of things. Ads are going to take over the world with cockroaches after the neclear winter, fact.

  18. This ranks right up there in humor (on the staff side) with the comment moderation incident. Cept this one took the cake.

  19. With Firefox, Adblock, and Filterset.G, you can’t even tell the difference.

  20. hadn’t noticed till i saw this article and scrolled to find them. theyre def not a problem.

  21. Run away from the site? Because of Google Ads? These things are so apart of the culture today that you’d have to be actively seeking them out to be bothered by them, and then I think your problem is far deeper than any mere text that no one really clicks anyway.

    I say, who cares?

    Full disclosure: “another blog” i participate in has Adsense and it made 17 bucks last month. That’s half a DS game people!

  22. I seriously hope that wasn’t Joystiq.

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