Associated Press: Wii suffers glut of weak games

img9.jpgThe world’s largest news wire yesterday voice concerned over the abundance of mindless Wii games.

Some publishers have grumbled that Nintendo hasn’t done enough to support their products. But the real problem is more obvious: Most of the Wii’s third-party software doesn’t measure up. There are a handful of good non-Nintendo Wii games (like Capcom’s remakes of “Okami” and “Resident Evil 4”), but an awful lot of lackluster junk is being shoveled onto the platform. And gamers are the ones getting burned.

Would anyone like to compare life-to-date shovelware quantities of Wii to that of the PS2 for the same period? I’m convinced the results would show if Wii falls within a historical range of poopski or not (read: if there’s really cause for concern).