Contest: T-shirt giveaways from Infendo!

1/11/11 UPDATE: Of all the eligible entries, two winners have been randomly chosen! Drumroll, please…

The winner of the shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts is Stan of Ayer, MA!
The winner of the shirt from Nacho Mama Tees is Paul of Rocklin!

Stan and Paul, please pick a t-shirt valued at $16.99 or under. Stan will choose one from the Crazy Dog T-shirts site, and Paul will select one from Nacho Mama Tees. Then send an email to with the following info, and we will have your prizes shipped out ASAP!
– Your full name
– Mailing address
– The URL of the t-shirt

Congratulations to our winners! Victory looks good on you. Thanks to all of our readers for playing and giving us your valuable feedback about Infendo. We’ll do our best to keep bringing you the contests, coverage, and quality that you crave.


Infendo is teaming up with crazydogtshirts and nachomamatees for a free swag giveaway! On 1/11/11, two lucky Infendo fans will receive a free t-shirt — one from Crazy Dog T-Shirts, and one from Nacho Mama Tees. They have a fine selection of vintage gaming tees, but you can take your pick of any t-shirt listed at $16.99  or under. Who loves ya, baby?

Which charming, attractive Infendo reader will be one of the winners? Could it be you? Or you? Or even…. YOU?

Here are the rules of the contest:

1. Leave ONE comment on this post before the mystical and conveniently memorable date of 1/11/2011, with your first name and town.

2. In your comment, tell us the following: What do you like best about Infendo? And what would you like to see more of on the site to keep you coming back? BONUS: You can get an extra entry by sharing this blog post on Facebook or Twitter! To do so, first use the blue Facebook/Twitter “Share” button (choose one, not both!) on the bottom of this post to share the link. Then, when you leave your comment on this contest post, tell us the number next to the “Share” button after you’ve successfully shared the post (note: you may need to refresh this post to get an accurate count). The number won’t go up if the post isn’t shared.

3. On 1/11/2011, we will randomly choose two winners from all eligible comments and update this post with their names! If it’s you, email us at with your address so we can send you the loot.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!

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  1. Dustin of Prescott:
    The thing I love most about Infendo is probably the catchy titles of the articles.
    I would like to see more ‘retro-revival’ on the site in the future.

  2. Apparently I am number 0 in facebook sharing…

  3. Pete from Dallas!
    What do you like best about Infendo? And what would you like to see more of on the site to keep you coming back?
    You guys keep it simple and don’t post every Nintendo “bm” like other blogging sites, and I really like your point of view.

  4. what keeps me coming back is the great community that’s here and what I like about Infendo is the style

  5. I like the podcasts that Infendo puts out. They are informative and entertaining and a good 40 min highlight to a dreary workday.

    I would love to see Infendo do some things with retro gaming, maybe re-review old games or reintroduce some games that were great back in the day but have been lost in the new gaming age. As for the podcast maybe bring back some of the old hosts as a guest once a month. that would be pretty cool to hear.

  6. Ben of Ann Arbor

    You guys have some pretty solid feature stories, and tend to be pretty concise with your news, cutting out a lot of the useless info. Major props. Your podcast is pretty decent as well.

    This site ranks up as one of my most-visited, but there are two things I can think of to make it more appealing.
    1. Fewer polls
    2. MOAR (more) of everything else

  7. Devin Mahrt
    Vernal Utah!

  8. Paul from Rocklin!

    What do you like best about Infendo?
    Radio brodcast.

    what would you like to see more of on the site to keep you coming back?
    More game reviews.

  9. Antonio from Chicago!

    I definitely like Infendo Radio podcasts the best about this site… They keep getting better! And I also love the polls… I like to know what other fans are thinking in nice bar graphs! Keep ’em coming!!

    And I praise that you have increased your DS-related posts and articles, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more DS love on the site.

  10. David of Iowa City:

    I really like that Infendo keeps me up to date on everything i’d ever like to know about upcoming nintendo things. I might like to see the new game get up on the home page more often, but other than that the podcasts are amazing and I wouldn’t really change anything else.

  11. i like listening to the podcasts, and would like more articles on the website about Nintendo stuff or reviews on games

  12. I like the fact that you are completely honest in your review of Nintendo products. Also winning two free T-shirts would definitely keep me coming back.

  13. Matthew from Kalamazoo Michigan
    thing i love most about infendo is the great friendly community of the people who post and/or comment on the site. the thing that would keep me comin back would be more things exactly like this!

  14. LeoN from Mooresboro

    Tweet Number – 2

  15. Do you know why 111 is a magic number?

    It’s 69+42. That’s what I’ve been told, anyway.

  16. Brock from Denmark (Wisconsin – South of Green Bay)

    Tweet #33

    I love Infendo because of the quality of the content. The news reporting is high quality while the reviews give me a great opinion of how good (or bad) a game is.

    To keep me coming back, there could be one of two things.
    1.) Update the style of the site.
    2.)Update with more news more often.

  17. Here Pedro from South Dakota your friendly puertorrican fan.
    I love infendo because you guys really care about what we love and have the best memories: NINTENDO.Great forum and editors too. I will like to have Alexis Santos and Zack back to the show joining forces ones again.

  18. Aaron from Denver
    I like the podcast and the mix of new, nostalgia, and odd articles. I’d like to see more handheld game reviews and stories.

  19. Stan of Ayer, MA.

    What I like the most about Infendo is that it filters the news about Nintendo so I get the purest, most important morsels of Nintendo news. By going to Infendo, I don’t have to sift through all of the biased and multi-platform gaming sites to get the information that I want to hear.

    If I could change one thing about Infendo to make it more appealing, it would be the balance of the kinds of posts that are made. More contests, more reviews, and more media coverage. I guess just more of everything!

    On a sidenote: My birthday is January 11th, and I will be turning 20 this time around. Turning 20 on 1/11/2011. Cool, huh?

  20. Marc in Cleveland, OH

    What do you like best about Infendo?
    Information/reviews on new games and systems. Also like coverage of things being worked on and events like E3.

    And what would you like to see more of on the site to keep you coming back?
    I like knowing which games are coming out in the future. It helps budget not only money, but time. I like to play games thoroughly, so knowing which games are coming up helps me know what I’ll be playing.

    Polls are ok, but not hugely important. Interviews with Nintendo insiders would be great, but probably hard to get.

  21. Michael from the mysterious land of Anaheim!
    Infendo is, quite literally, my favorite website to go on when I want to know about some upcoming Nintendo games, or just talk about random Nintendo relating stuff, and just the community in general brings me back. As for what I’d like to see, I’d definitely say more frequent posts that actually give us news about upcoming games, or just talk about games that we can’t wait for, or such.

  22. The thing I love most about Infendo is the podcasts. Also I like all the upcoming Nintendo news.

  23. the thing I love most about infendo is the podcasts, they deliver all the necessary nintendo news without the fluff, while adding some humour to keep it interesting. Id love to see more game reviews on the site.

  24. I would like to see more comparisons to the Xbox and PS3 and faster podcasts. not that there’s anything wrong with them, it’s just that I don’t have 45 minutes to listen to it.

  25. Ingemar from Malibu

    You keep the site simple and staightforward, fun article titles, solid reviews.

  26. hi

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