Are games too easy?

Following Friday’s article from Tom’s Hardware, do you think games today are too easy? A simple “Y” or “N” will suffice but feel free to elaborate. Personally, I think no. But that’s based solely on my comparisons to other forms of entertainment that I enjoy such as movies (maybe 2 hours to “finish”), music (an hour per album), and books (these vary but usually 8-20 hours).

Even Nintendo has been known to say that games are too difficult. What do you think?


  1. I think they are difficult in the sense that they are hard for non-gamers or old school gamers to wrap their heads around. Those who haven’t stuck with it or have grown up with the new controllers are left in the dust basically.

    As far as difficulty I think old are hard, like Mario lost levels, for casual gamers but a sinch for hardcore playsers. As for 3D adventure games of today and FPSs well unlimited continues and such is common place because of the developers attention to pushing players through a story.

    The problem is some publishers want games to evolve into interactive movies thus taking the game out and just letting people RPG or play a role of a character. So players are nudged along for the sake of story rather than challenge. Either you spend 50 hours mastering a hard game or 50 hours in a story driven game.

  2. As long as you have fun while playing, I think it doesn’t matter in the least if a game is incredibly hard or incredibly easy.

  3. “music (an hour per album)”

    If thats your perception, then you’re listening to the wrong albums 😉

    Anyway, I think games are getting slightly easier, but it doesn’t interfeer with my enjoyment of the game.

  4. I think Josh is right…it doesn’t really matter…
    I personally like easier games best, but that’s just because I’m such a bad gamer, that even those are hard for me 😉 (still haven’t completed ANY level in Nanostray grmbl)

  5. It’s not so much – for me – whether the game is ‘hard’ or ‘easy’ – I just think they should make video games longer. I mean yeah, it’s hard to make them, and I’m happy with what I get – but sometimes I’m playing a game I’m having SUCH a blast with and then – regardless of how easy/hard it was – it’s over. And some games, yeah, have that lasting appeal but others, no matter how fun they were, well, you can’t just play the game over.

    That’s why I’m excited for Twilight Princess because I know Nintendo is focusing on level depth and level length – They know how to make a good game and I can tell they’re REALLY perfecting it this time around.

    So yeah I think a game should be LONG and a bit challenging – but not IMPOSSIBLE to a point where I can’t get past the third level OR so easy I beat it in a day (which has happened and it’s the worst)..

    I like a long game with depth and thinking involved – and of course, it has to be FUN.

    But that’s just me 😛

  6. I think all games should last at least 20 hours, if not more. I think most of todays games are without a doubt too easy, but some like Ikaruga and Viewtiful Joe, are still good for the hardcore.

  7. I like games that are easy to learn, hard to master, pick up & play, intricate. I enjoy games in which the game developers were paying attention to gameplay, not graphics

  8. games aren’t getting easier you’r just getting better.

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