EA Cancels the Wii U Version of Their Next Big Game

EA Cancels the Wii U Version of Their Next Big Game

Although we are “post E3”, the rumor mill is still churning.  The newest rumor circulating is that Ea has cancelled a Wii U version of their Next generation multi-platform game.  There is no solid evidence that the game even exists, however the source of the rumor has been said to be correct in the past.  Obviously, the source has not been revealed, so there is no solid evidence to confirm or deny the rumor.

Below are the bullet points regarding the rumor:

  • Was in the works for PS4/720/PC/Wii U
  • Used Frostbite 2.0
  • Was successfully ported to Wii U
  • Concerns over big-budget games and low stocks forced EA to remove the Wii U version

There have been rumors spreading about the 720 (or whatever they are calling it these days) and a possible launch by the end of 2013.  Some of those rumors have stated that the Wii U will be pretty insignificant as far as power, graphics, and game play go, when the next Gen Sony and Microsoft consoles are released.  Could it be that the other two giants purposely waited for the Wii U to launch so they could ensure a more powerful opponent?

Even if this rumor is true, I would guess that the success of the Wii U at launch will determine if the decision is final or not.  On the other hand, we may never know for sure unless EA decides to share the title of the game.  Across the many forums out there, people have speculate that this could be another Battlefield installment, if that is true maybe Miyamoto’s comment on FPS games was a factor in the withdraw?

Regardless of the validity of the source, or the supposed “facts” behind the rumor, I would like to see more confirmed Wii U games rather than articles about games that we will never see.  What are your thoughts?

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