Another DS games of 2008 list…

DS Games of 2008Next Generation is totally late to the party. On December 17, 2007, Infendo’s own resident DS guru David had a list of the ten most promising DS of 2008 games and only today does the corporate-fueled Next Generation have a similar list up on their site. HA!

Anyway, all gloating aside, it’s good to compare these kinds of lists to see what we might have missed, or, in what is more often the case, to see which games the other side included are actually laughable titles you’d probably play after whatever schlock Hannah Montana has shoveled out this month.

My serious opinion on this? They have a good list up that includes many of the titles we already hit upon last month, but even so Next Generation missed a few solid titles and their list is longer! That said, de Blob and Square Enix’s first real effort to create truly original IP (The World Ends With You) make their list, so there are a few gems in there worth checking out. Post your thoughts on their 2008 DS list (and ours) in the comments.