And The Winners Are…



Thank you to everyone that entered the Nintendo T-Shirt Giveaway!

It was great reading some of your insane victories, I think I might have shared a few myself!  

Now, for our winners…


MikeIsaPoet Says:

February 27, 2013 At 4:09 Pm

There was a time in Mario Kart 64 where my best friend and I got the exact same time on two of the four tracks in the Mushroom Cup. I don’t have video of it, though. Just some garbage videos of us playing on my YouTube account (shameless plug).




DubleDex Says:

February 27, 2013 At 1:05 Pm

I don’t really know if this is insane, but I beat the original Mega Man with only one death. It’s one of my favorite games of all time (I know it’s not as polished as 2 or 3, but I love the difficulty and aesthetics of the game). And I played it A LOT.

Just getting past the Mega Man clone in Wily’s castle usually cost me several lives, so beating the entire game with only one death was quite an accomplishment. And one I’ve never come close to repeating ever again.


Congrats to both winners!  I will email you today with instructions to claim your prize!

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