Amazing Pokémon lunch boxes are awesome

Moms in Japan have always taken the time to artistically craft their kids lunch boxes with love and care. Usually making it resemble a famous cartoon character or in this case famous and popular Pokémon characters. My friend Frank has maintained a collection of various weird pictures that he has found while cruising the internet and while over at his house the other day I just happened to spot these. While these pictures may not be new to anyone I just had to share them. Anyway hit the jump and take a peek at these deliciously crafted lunches.

[Thanks Frank]

34 Responses to Amazing Pokémon lunch boxes are awesome

  1. InvisibleMan says:

    Yummi, yummi, yummi, I have Psyduck in my tummy!

  2. Damien says:

    That Meowth bento looks amazingly filling.

  3. Andrew G. says:

    It’s all really cute (and I would love a Snorlax made of rice, don’t get me wrong), but why bother? Your kid is only going to eat it, so what’s the point?

    I guess the fact that I don’t really like kids all that much doesn’t help my outlook on this, but whatever. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Haha… That’s awesome. The Snorlax one is definitely the best.

  5. skafreak51 says:

    those look delicious 🙁
    i’m going to make food now.

  6. Brian says:

    Wow! Yet another reason the Japanese are cooler than you…
    and me.

  7. Dan says:

    In the two years I was teaching there I never had a middle or elementary school that still allowed the kids to bring their own lunches so I was disappointed I never got to see that sort of thing but that’s cool some areas still allow it. It’s amazing how much effort must’ve gone into those… I assure you the school-provided lunches are not nearly so appealing.

  8. JoeyJo says:

    Pokemon bento…sure beats mystery meat anyday! LOL

  9. Ikkonoishi says:

    The wrapping paper in the background seems to indicate that these are commercially created, and not just made by parents.

  10. Fedrix says:

    Wow that is just awesome and my name really isnt fedrix

  11. Zac says:

    @Andrew: I can understand why you would say that, but it’s just a little something to show the kids that you’re thinking of them. It doesn’t really matter if it’s eaten afterward. It’s nice to know that your parents would spend that much time on something seemingly small. It would mean a lot to me, at least. 🙂

  12. karan says:

    wow they are awesome!
    snorlax rocks!

  13. Secret Agent Sami says:

    Totally cool! maybe woulda been cooler if I was like 8 or 9… but still pretty cool.

  14. These are freakin sweet! And I have to agree, Snorlax is the shiz

  15. Tim says:

    “The wrapping paper in the background seems to indicate that these are commercially created, and not just made by parents.”

    I think that’s a poster of all the Pokemon.

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  17. Yutsud says:

    now I’m hungry T_T

  18. CosmicKitty says:

    !!!! Holy shit, who ever made this im totally inlove with you<3
    make me sushi? deargod please?!?!?

    aweeeee bentobox <333 =^_^=

  19. Hans Samuel says:

    wow..!! i will thinking twice to eat those bento.. because they’re very specciall!!!!!!!!!

    but i wanna say : “BON APPETITE!!!!”

  20. Liz says:

    I would be so depressed to eat one of these. So cute!!!

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  22. Suzuki Tsuta says:

    snorlax is the greatest one ever

  23. john doe says:

    get a life u nerdy ass losers

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  25. Samm says:

    Although, I’d probly loose a lot of weight because theyre so freaking cool I wouldn’t want to eat them!! Or I’d just take my camera to school! LOL!!!

  26. Leoking says:

    One Hot Darkrai please.

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