Perrin Kaplan tells reporter she can spin straw into gold

O, Perrin Kaplan. Once, your words were like sweet honey in the ears of Nintendo fans the world over. Today, they’re like having the hot water suddenly go out in the middle of a morning shower. And your towel is missing. And your house in on fire. So what are we to think of your latest foray into the world of Nintendo PR?

“There is a lot going on behind the scenes in terms of working on what we are producing and the numbers continue to rise but the product is so very popular that we may see a supply/demand situation last for some time.”

She added, “We are at absolute maximum production and doing everything we can. The number of units that we have been able to produce has far exceeded our hardware production in the past and the production levels of a lot of our competitors but demand continues to be really high. People are being really diligent about working with retailers to locate one but we are cognisant of the fact that a lot of fans are not able to get their hands on one yet. We are asking them to be patient and to know that we are working on this as fast as we can.”

She *might* be telling the truth this time around. Maybe. With XBOX 360’s main manufacturer Wistron jumping ship due to falling profits, Nintendo could have a pick up there to boost production, says Roger Ehrenberg over at Information Arbitrage. Things could pick up as new manufacturers clamor for Nintendo’s business. Let’s hope so, because I’m getting tired of the 7 a.m. trips to Target to find another one for my family.