Activision sends GH3 replacement disks early

gh3replacement.jpgIt seems Activision actually worked overtime on the Wii “mono-drama,” shipping replacement Guitar Hero 3 Wii disks a bit earlier than expected. Infendo reader John G. sends a tip from the bayou this evening:

“My new Guitar Hero 3 disk came in today, a little more than a week after I sent it in. Sounds great on my 5.1 system. Props to Activision for a fast turn around.”

He sent photographic evidence to support his claim. Thanks, John!

As first reported by Blake on Infendo in his Nov. 7 review of Guitar Hero 3, Activision shipped the Wii version of the popular rhythm game without stereo sound. Though the game played “like a headliner,” Blake pointed out it sounded “like an opening act.”

One month later, Activision addressed the issue in a statement released to IGN. Although the publisher announced it would offer free replacement disks to consumers beginning in “early 2008,” no explanation was given for its inexplicably “mono-riffic” error.

According to NPD data, the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3 was the third best-selling game in North America in January, behind Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360) and Wii Play (Wii) respectively, moving an additional 240,000 copies. Activision has sold 1.8 million copies of Guitar Hero 3 for Wii worldwide since it released in Q4 2007.