Access Denied: VC Games, GC games get region locked

As an American gamer who has never imported a single thing in my lifetime, I can say without reservation that today’s news about region-locked Virtual Console titles and GameCube titles for the Wii is one of those “nothing to see here, move along” moments.

Via Eurogamer: “Nintendo UK has confirmed to Eurogamer that the Wii’s region locking will extend to GameCube games.

A company spokesperson also said that Virtual Console game releases would not be universal – in other words, European gamers will get European versions of the games.”

However, there are those amongst us who love to import, and this will surely anger them for a brief moment until, as we all are when it comes to the Internet, something shiny distracts them and we all move on. Just out of curiosity (and ignorance), how important is importing, and why?