A Wild Milo Appeared

Hey there Infendo readers! You might be seeing my name around here as a writer over the next month or so, and hopefully beyond!

So, a little bit about me then…

I’m from the UK, and I’ve been a huge Nintendo fan for as long as I remember.

As far as favourites go, I’d have to go for the GameCube, followed closely by the Wii and the Gameboy Advance. Zelda’s my most beloved franchise by far, with Wind Waker being my favourite. Okami is another held dear to my heart, and the wonderful Mario Galaxy.

Then of course there’s pokemon… All those memories… All. Those. Hours.

On non-nintendo platforms I’ve enjoyed the burgeoning indie scene over the past few years. I’m a lover of fantasy and sci-fi literature. Favourite films include Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and Nolan’s Inception.

With the 3DS finding it’s feet at last and the Wii U coming in just a month, the future is solid for a Nintendo embracing the online world and digital distribution, it even looks like some of those big western third parties are on board at last!

Though, I would argue, that’s not quite what Nintendo’s about, at least not for me. It’s about those quirky Japanese mini-game compilations and RPGs, it’s about the Little King’s Stories and the Wario Wares, it’s about those Super Mario 64 and Wii Sports moments, it’s about games, about play, about innovation, and I wouldn’t miss a second for the world.

If you’d like to say hi too, you can find me @bananaoomarang

Indie games obsessive and compulsive writer. Enjoys reading, thinking, programming, writing..... Gaming. Milo is currently a full time student but would love to move into a career doing these things someday.