8-Bitty Retro Controller for iPad and iPhone

Many of us have begun to pass the time playing our retro favorites on our mobile devices.  The downside is that the placing our thumbs on the touch screen tends to obstruct the view of the screen, especially if you are playing on an iPhone.  Another issue is that, let’s face it, Super Mario Bros and Pac-Man were not meant for a touch screen.

I was looking for a wireless controller alternative and found the 8-Bitty retro controller.  Currently it is not compatible with every mobile game, but it is sure to quickly catch on!  It connects wirelessly to your device via bluetooth and gives you the retro feel and play of the classic systems.  It is not expected to be released until later this year with a small price tag of only $24.99!  Initially it will only be compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod, however it can easily be adapted to Android and other Operating systems in the future.

Personally, I am not a fan of gaming on a mobile device.  Some games such as Temple Run, Angry Birds, and others like them are fine to pass some time but I find the screens are either too small or the controls are pretty bad on the touch screen.  I am pretty excited about this little controller.  It might actually courage not only me to play more games on my mobile device but maybe encourage the Developers to re-release our favorite 8-bit classics to the mobile devices.

For a list of current compatible games, please click here


What are your thoughts on the potential of this classic controller?  Have you found an alternative that is available now?

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