6 Reasons That Consoles Are Better Than PC

6 Reasons That Consoles Are Better Than PC

We all have those two friends that are constantly arguing over what’s the best gaming system – a PC or a console. You just can’t escape this never-ending dispute that seems to have its origins in ancient times.

Of course, you can find pros and cons for both and neither side can be 100% correct so we have to take a side. Just in case you ever get in trouble during such an argument, we’ve put together 6 reasons why consoles are simply the best.

Gaming on a PC is rather difficult sometimes

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The whole point of a game is to be played, right? Well, that’s exactly what a console does, you just open insert the DVD or load the game from the internal memory and there you go. With some PC games, you have to run 3 different executable files in order to get to the game. And we’re not talking about piracy here, using Steam is enough to prove this point.

Consoles bring portability to the table

Indeed, in case we’re not referring to Nintendo Switch, consoles are not the most portable things in the world. However, have you ever tried to get your PC and to your friend for a LAN party? Our point exactly!  You might say that the middle way is represented by gaming laptops but not everyone has an oil fountain in the backyard.

DRM software

Indeed, this is a problem that affects both consoles and PC’s, however, it is a bit more present and ‘in your face’ when using a PC. Of course, the right of game developers is important and we should discourage piracy but all the safety measures kind of prevent you to actually enjoy the game.

Console-dedicated games

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Nowadays there are quite some titles that are developed especially to be played on a console. Even though it is also released for PC, it’s rarely the same thing. Games like Arkham Knight are the best examples to prove this point.  It’s mostly a matter of preference really if more and more people prefer to play games on the console, producers will start developing games for the console.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/console-electronics-entertainment-fun-415008/

The ability of trading

Buying a game for PC is like getting a new apartment, if you get tired of it at some point you can’t just swap with your neighbour and see how that goes. You download the game and you can only use it on that specific computer. Well, that’s not at all the case for console games; you can easily trade games with your friends or even but second-hand games and avoid spending huge amounts on a Steam sale.

Far less bad games on console

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Not sure if this happens because the PC was actually first and they got to experiment on it, leaving consoles protected of really bad games that were tested on PC over time. Indeed, the advantage of PC gaming is that you can still play a game developed 10 years ago and emulate it. Consoles are a bit trickier when it comes to this; however, the plus is that you can only enjoy great games.

There you have it, six reasons why gaming on a console is better than on a PC. I’m sure that, in their endless disputes, partisans of both sides may find a lot more. What makes you be a console fan?