4GB DS Media Player

Dual Screen powers activate! Form of: a media player!

Datel continues their streak of getting 4GB hard drives on the newer systems (PSP, X360). Now it’s the DS’ turn. The MAX Media Player uses the GBA slot to power and store the hard drive while the DS card slot contains the media software. It turns the DS into “a powerful home entertainment device, with movie playback, music on the move and a convenient picture viewer.”

Hmph. Not even the Lite can make that thing fit in a pocket. I’ll keep my $225, thanks.


  1. Yay… because every portable needs to be the PSP.

    When are people going to figure out that the DS is beating the PSP in sales? We don’t CARE about the stupid movies and music that the PSP can play. The DS has better games, so it wins.

  2. But if the PSP had equally good games it would win because of its feature set.

  3. For just about the same price you can get a flash cart and SD/CF cards to do the same thing, and have it be ever-expandable, plus play other games. It’s a nice idea, but unless it becomes 1/2 to 1/4 of the cost I wouldn’t even look at it twice.

  4. “But if the PSP had equally good games it would win because of its feature set. “

    no… because you can nearly buy two NDS systems for the price of one PSP… and the PSP games cost about as much as PS2 games… most people just can’t find the PSP affordable… it has high demand… its just not realistic to pay 270+ dollars for the system and a game… plus 20 dollars a piece for movies you may already own in dvd format… PSP is a rich boy toy… pricey portable junk… and that’s what this 4gig hard drive is too…

  5. Good point about the price, anon. I suppose I was thinking more in “best machine” terms rather than “which should I buy” terms.

  6. maybe… but then you wouldn’t have touch and dual screen capabilities… something i still wouldn’t trade off on… most NDS titles just couldn’t be as inspiring on any other existing platform…

  7. No, i think Albo’s original comment still holds true. Because if the DS had those extra features, its price would be higher. And the PSP already has extra features plus better tech, so its price would be the same. In the situation that both portables had these feature sets, appropriate prices (with the DS being just a little bit cheaper), and equally worthy game libraries, they would most likely be neck-and-neck.

  8. I’m more excited about the newly opened possibilities of homebrew and open source software that’s possible on DS now, than it’s “media capabilities”.

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