45% Nintendo WiFi Adoption Rate

Nintendo says today that 45% of Mario Kart DS buyers have taken their skillz online in the very first week of the Nintendo Wifi Connection. The DS Wifi marvel of a game has sold 112,000 copies in its first 7 days in the US. Out of those 112k, upwards of 52,000 unique players have challenged the world through Wifi. Sounds like a massive achievement.

With these incredible stats of just the first week of Nintendo wifi, is it safe to say the Revolution’s online capabilities will have a solid foundation? I think the answer is a resounding “duh”.

[Source: IGN


  1. Nintendogs makes me want to eat a bagel with dog poo spread.

  2. i think this 45% will increase gradually as we get closer to christmas. It may be 70-75% by the end of the year. Nintendo needs to promote their WFC more.
    45% is very good compared to xbox live games.

  3. It’s beyond good, it’s pretty incredible. Halo 2 had something like an 18% adoption rate for Xbox live play (according to Joystiq IIRC) for the first week.

  4. I didn’t mention the Halo 2 comparison cause it was unfair. Halo 2 sold upwards of 9 million units.

  5. Considering that first week sales are for america the country where you don’t have all the hotspots like Japan, it will be interesting to see if that number goes up or down once everybody is thrown into the mix.

  6. Either way, those numbers are incredible. 112,000 is around where GTA: LCS was at this point..so it’s good to see Nintendo has matched the so called “killer app”

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