Most Wanted NES Rev Games

From the article:”These seven games represent the best and in some cases, the most screwed up that the NES has to offer, but our staff agrees that these gems are without question some of the most entertaining videogames ever made, and in some cases, better than most games released today.” The list is as follows:

1. Double Dragon II
2. Star Tropics
3. Clash at Demonhead
4. Zombie Nation
5. North & South
6. Blaster Master
7. Little Nemo the Dream Master

[Source: GameDaily]


  1. Because they’ve obviously played every game that’s ever been made.

  2. Should I feel sad because I’ve only heard of one of those games?

  3. North and South…Yeah baby!

    That game rocked.

  4. “Should I feel sad because I’ve only heard of one of those games?”

    I’ve only heard of 2…but i like that pic.

  5. Sorry, I meant I’ve never heard of Clash at Demonhead. I played most of the others or at least tried them once.

  6. Well these folks who wrote the article have another one called the Golden 5 Gamecube games and all I have to say is nothing is golden abouit Lego Star Wars.

    When you back that game you lose all clout. Well if you back it as a top 5 you do any way.

  7. 2 player north v south online? First im making up to the front of your train to hijack your gold shipment, then im gettin past all your dogs to steal your fort flag! Bring it!

  8. vakerorokero, I hear ya.

    How many different verisions and names for “grenade”, “rocket launcher”, and “flash bomb” can they come-up with before people finally get bored of it all? How many corridors can we run-n-gun down before it finally gets stale for a critical mass of the gaming population? I look forward to watching the FPS genre crash HARD.


  9. That pic of a “FamiRev” made me think of a fun poll question:

    Based on the colors shown so far, what color Revolution would you buy?

    I’d have to vote for silver, so it matches the rest of my a/v system.

  10. Man, I would drink my own pee for this Famicom colored unit.

  11. i think its a good list. i <3 fps. and i like lego star wars. so there's my opinion.

  12. Bionic Commando is my number one choice. Star Tropics (and possibly other games on that list) is a given … it was published by Nintendo, right?

  13. Solar Jetman.

    That game rocked, and would be great with the Rev controller

  14. blaster master is my favorite all time…

  15. Milan’s Secret Castle oh please oh please oh please

  16. I’ve played all of these except North and South (although now I will most certainly play it).

    My thoughts:

    1. Double Dragon II
    DD2, beat em ups are fun and DD was good but I think RCR has more charm. I suppose for 2 player support it could be worthwhile.

    2. Star Tropics
    Probably the best Zelda clone on the NES. I always thought it was a gem that didn’t get enough pub.

    3. Clash at Demonhead
    First off a link for those unfamiliar: the game was one of those that probably would’ve been remembered more had it been not so Engrishy and been from a somewhat bigger company.

    4. Zombie Nation
    A zombie themed Shmup! Do I really need to say more?

    5. North & South
    Never played it.

    6. Blaster Master
    I liked the book better, although the game wasn’t bad. Just one of those frustratignly long games with no way to resume if you wanted to stop.

    7. Little Nemo the Dream Master
    Someone else covered this, but it was an amazingly solid platformer for a licensed title.

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