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SNES wins like a mug. Regardless of your pick, you’ll be able to play them all with one console next year. Thanks for voting and be sure to check out this week’s poll.

[Source: Infendo]


  1. How on earth could the NES be last

  2. I hear you there. My picks:

    1. NES
    2. GC
    3. SNES
    4. N64

  3. SNES is the pinnacle of 2D gaming,

    3D gaming has yet to meet its pinnacle so no wonder the SNES came in first,

  4. my list
    im not saying that n64 is better than any of the others, this just reflect my experience. i had more fun with n64 and nes than the other two, but i love all of my systems. to tell you the truth, during the 16 bit wars i sided with Sega Genesis. Iknow Iknow but the Genesis reflected my personality and playstyle at the Time. but the snes is awesome too.

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