Infendo Radio 194: Better late than Never!


Wondering where the podcast is? It’s right here.  Half a week late, but not half cocked, It’s Infendo Radio 194, featuring 4, count ’em, 4 hosts! New Characters are on the way from Miyamoto, Famitsu reviews other M (our own impressions will be in next week’s episode,) and Alexis digs up some rumors about the Nintendo 3DS processor in this week’s EXTRA long episode! Check it out:

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  1. Only losers didn’t like inception!!! LOSER!!! Also, the bus was falling so long because it is going at 160 (divided by?) speed, while even the bus was 20 (divided by) speed.

  2. The Metroid series is great, too many games? BS. Also, the best Metroid game is easily Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a close second though. Metroid: Other M has a terrible story and uncomfortable control. Sakamoto should never be allowed to touch the series again. He forced Team Ninja to use Wii Remote only (I haven’t seen anyone like that), and he has admitted in interviews that he doesn’t care what fans think or what they want. He also pissed people off by trying to claim that this Samus is the “real” Samus (compared to the Prime games). Sakamoto is like those silent film actors that couldn’t successfully make the jump to talking films. Put Sakamoto out to pasture, or restrict him to the handheld games.