Que lastima! Brazil Wii pre-orders begin — for a price

Yes, I realize the heading is in Spanish and not Portuguese, my apologies for speaking only one additional language 😛

From Brazilian Infendo reader KaidoBattle:

Greetings from Brazil,

Some online stores from Brazil started the Wii pre-order for R$ 1399,00 (or US$ 640.00). Zelda: TP and Excite Truck are for R$199,00 each(or US$ 90.50)
– Diskgames (www.diskgames.com.br) will send it at november,25th
– Inicial games (www.inicialgames.com.br) will send it at november,30th
– Mister Bros (www.misterbros.com.br) still doesn’t have a send date.

You’re lucky, very lucky guys… you can buy Wii for a just price U_U

Wow. Note to self: Brazilian women good, Brazilian console and games prices bad.