Reading RSS feeds on Wii

Posted on are instructions to provide RSS feed aggregation on your Wii’s Message Board. The instructions are a bit involved; they require a user to have a computer/server running a Python script as well as SMTP access to an email address that sends new stories to your Wii. From what I can discern, following these instructions would send any new message posted on, say, Infendo to appear in the Message Board of your Wii. Not a very convenient setup process, but an interesting attempt nonetheless. Then again, you could always just launch Wii’s Opera browser and use any number of online RSS feed readers (like my personal favorite, Bloglines). Anyone in InfendoLand going to attempt this RSS to Wii technique?


  1. Well, before anyone at Infendo tries this, could someone please fix the RSS feed for Infendo??

    Here’s a link to the error you are getting on the SharpReader aggregator:

  2. I-man – the correct feed link is:

  3. You need to fix the header tags in your template on blogger and replace all the lines with the link to feedburner. Then use htaccess to tell all the old places using your atom – etc. to use the feedburner stuff. There’s a detailed tutorial on Feedburner and it works great.

  4. I found a simpler solution which works even when my computer isn’t always online, and I didn’t have to install or schedule anything. Here’s what I did:

    1) I set up an email account on my own domain name and added it to my Wii address book.

    2) I set up that email account to automatically forward anything it gets to my Wii address.

    3) I subscribed my new email address to a bunch of feeds using

  5. having a forward service won’t work right off. Because of a whitelist you have to be able to reply to registration to be able to send email.

    Bloglines forwards to your email already. Gmail (and many others) can forward those email to your Wii. QED.

  6. Thanks for the tip, david!

    I actually discovered that both links (the atom and infendo ones) do work, and all I needed was an update to my SharpReader app… Blake and the Ninjas (or Feedburner) must have updated to Atom 1.0, which the new version of SharpReader covers!

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