PSA: Classic SNES Controllers Now Available for Wii


Old School gamers will be happy to learn that a classic SNES controller for the Wii is now available at ThinkGeek. As someone who has lamented that Club Nintendo Japan appeared to be the only way to pick one of these up, I am thrilled that they can be ordered in North America now.

The Super Nintendo still remains my favorite system ever and I try to go back and play the classics on my Wii whenever I can. One of these bad boys will make the experience just a little more authentic.

Original story courtesy of GoNintendo.


  1. YAY. Very tempting. Will they work on European Wii’s too? If so, I better buy one of these and play through Super Mario World again, and perhaps some Final Fight and A Link to the Past. Now I only need an old 22′ TV screen, to make it as authentic as possible.

  2. “…Club Nintendo Japan appeared to be the only way to pick one of these up…”

    They were also available at Club Nintendo Europe, but I´m not sure if they still are. I´m sure that they were, cause I got one.
    To me the controller in the picture looks a little bit cheap. The official logo is missing (which is on the Club Nintendo version) and the buttons look different then those of the original controller.

  3. All my wants!

  4. @Pinnselot, the only difference I see is the lack of the logo. The buttons look just like that on the original Japanese SNES controllers, from what I can tell.

    But yeah, ThinkGeek is just awesome like that.

  5. What’s the best USB snes controller?

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