3DS system update now available


The latest 3DS system update has just gone live for downloading in North America. The quickest and easiest way to obtain it is to simply log onto the eShop, where you’ll be instantly prompted to start the download.

Two upgrades become immediately noticeable. Tapping on blank Home screen squares now brings up an option to create folders. Finally! You’ll also notice a slightly jazzier eShop interface (emphasis on slightly).

The biggest change, of course, is the one we can’t see: with this update, Nintendo is now able to provide game patches, with the much-needed Mario Kart 7 shortcut fix coming in May. Can’t wait for that one!


  1. You also didn’t mention a tiny tiny addition. There are also new sound effects when scrolling fast with the stylus on the Home menu.

  2. Wake me up when there’s YouTube function. =\

  3. When I opened my 3DS this morning I got a prompt right away stating that an update for the system was ready and needed to be applied. It was nice to see that prompt.

  4. This is true. I don’t like how the folders look on my home menu…I’ve got 120 spaces on my home menu and now five folders and the cartridge and shop buttons. Looks too empty. And Yellowpikmin, there is no new sound effects…

  5. @wakko1337: YouTube compatibility would be great, but the patching addition is huge. And, yeah, those folders are about as bland-looking as possible; it’d be nice to pretty ’em up with a paint program. I’m not crazy about how they look on the home menu, either, so I’m keeping my very favorite utilities and downloads on the main screen and keeping my folders just out of sight.

  6. I’m all for the patching, it’s just that I think Nintendo is taking their sweet time with this. Hell, the Wii wasn’t out for a year when it had finally got Flash and thus YouTube support. But it’s alright. Every little detail we get is nice…except for plain blue folders with letters or numbers on them. I think I’m just going to make a bunch of folders now that spell words.

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