3DS slide pad expansion an optional accessory; launching first in Japan for $20


To be clear, here’s how ZD Net summarized the news (via Kotaku):

The good news: the slide pad is optional and compatible with more games than just the much anticipated Monster Hunter 3G. It even works with the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations, Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble, as well as Dynasty Warriors VS, according to Kotaku. Since Monster Hunter 3G is only releasing in Japan (for now), the device is heading to just that country this December, with no date set for an American arrival yet.

Officially dubbed the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad, what do you think?


  1. Obviously they are trying to get 3rd parties to release ports of PSP (maybe Vita too), and PSN games on the 3DS. Nintendo peripherals are maddening to me at this point. Why not just build it into the system to begin with instead of giving us 3DS+ or Wii+.

  2. @baelnic “Nintendo peripherals..” say wha? You do realize you had to buy separate units for the PS3 and the 360 to do their motion control thing, and more $ for normal controllers right? I’d much rather a 10-20$ accessory than another 80-100$ Move/Kinect + 50$ controllers… >.> Tech rapidly gets better/cheaper, and sometimes it can be used in a beneficial way for that generation of consoles. Why not release those new and improved units? Would you rather wait for the next console in 5 years for those benefits? Sheesh…

  3. I think it looks more comfy than the narrow 3ds. After playing a lot of 3ds lately, with Star Fox and the NES games, my hands were kinda sore from playing. I remember the ds lite felt the same after a long gaming session. Who knows, maybe.. Just maybe, instead of sucking up all of our souls in compensation, it might make things better? Nah.. Thats silly.. right? 😛

  4. Most are 2012 titles, so I expect a revision of the hardware in spring ’12 along the release of Kid Icarus with dual slide pad action since the stylus control was hurting people’s hands.

  5. If there was ever a wrong website to advertise Tres Eme conditioner it would be this one.

  6. No maddening is the right word. The only thing adding peripherals is good for is creating fragmentation. How many games use Wii+? Not very many. Why add this 3DS dongle less than a year after it was released? All you are going to do is fragment your game market and force gamers to carry and extra bit with their portable system. I’ll accept the peripherals for a home console because storage and portability aren’t issues.

    Fragmentation is bad for a company that is struggling to get developers on their platforms.

  7. If they revise the hardware, many of my concerns will disappear however.

  8. I’ll bet you five bucks that there’s going to be a Kid Icarus bundle with this thing for its US debut.

  9. Sure am glad it’s optional.

  10. I’m happy to just pretend it was never announced and get along without it.

  11. It had BETTER be optional. Especially for Kingdom Hearts. Yeah, I know, long way down the road, but still…

  12. I hope we see new 3DS cases, my old one isn’t going to work.

  13. Ambassadors get a free one, right?

    I mean….right?

  14. Question: will Nintendo release a redesign of the 3DS next year, in the same way they did with the DS phat -> DS Lite, adding the second slider to the new units? If so, I’ll wait for that!

    Otherwise, I just realized that the added peripherial makes the 3DS about the same size as the DSi XL, which I regularly play and I’m fine with it…

    (Either way, I’m waiting ’till next year to get my 3DS…)

  15. @monkat Next year? no. But they might in two or three years only if the extension is popular enough and has at least 20+(probably more) games supporting it.

  16. oops, i meant @InvisbleMan.

  17. I can understand A LOT of people being very mad and angry with this 3DS Expansion Analog Stick add-on cradle. But the way I see it from my point of view, as long as you can detach it after you attach it to the 3DS for games that support dual analog, then I’m perfectly OK with this. But I do admit, it does look a bit clunky when you look at the big sucker. I will say one thing, I am glad no 3DS revision or this thing was talked about last night. Better imo that Iwata didn’t take any chances of angering any of the Nintendo fan base and then possibly losing a lot of their core audience. That would have a been a EXTREMELY LETHAL blow to them in that kind of situation imo.

  18. Also, as long as this in no bigger than $20 here in the US, I’m OK with this.

  19. Oh well, at least the device is cheap enough that buying it won’t be too much of a big deal, although it still doesn’t make up for how ugly this thing is. And that it’s only used for certain games.

  20. On the plus side, at least it will make it easier to find your 3DS in your backpack…right….RIGHT?

  21. the comparison of this to the DSi XL is interesting. What if the “redesign” were to be a 3DS XL with the right slider? That would be better than releasing a redesign only to a year later re-redesign an XL… (save us the trouble of upgrading twice) ^_^

    But seriously… I am not at all angry about the attachment. If this will help the 3rd parties release games for the system, then Nintendo is doing a very small thing to bring them to the table. Since it is detachable, it’s the best thing that Nintendo can do right now in their situation. I will probably buy this thing if it will help put (GOOD) 3rdPS or FPS titles on the go. But if the titles this is for sucks, then we can save our money and not buy it or the games. And I really won’t care if I can’t fit the damn thing in my pocket. We in a time now where backpacks are a must anyway. My phone, wallet, keys, and DS/PSP can’t all fit in my pants pockets anyway.

    Why be so upset over a detachable? There are other things to be down about (like lack of titles)

    As I said, if it brings more titles to the system, then it’s helping (not hurting)
    I’m gonna shut up now and go play some Shin Megami Tensei…

  22. But, rhogii, Shin Megami Tensei titles are and will be all on the DS! (Except for “Overclocked”, but that one is just “Devil Survivor” with some extras.)

    I think the price is right for the attachment, but what puzzles me is that it needs two batteries… WTF?!? I hope they last a really LONG time (unlike with the Wii controllers!)!

  23. Yeah… sorry. I’m playing the 3ds version.

    What I’ve heard is that this attachment uses one AAA batery. Don’t know what that’s all about…. I’m sure when it comes to the states (or if it comes, can never tell these days) we’ll know more.

  24. Im hoping Nintendo dont release a 3DSlite type of upgrade any time soon, and if they do, they better not include a second circle pad. They can just have an ugly add on like this too. I mean seriously, how could they expect to sell alot of 3DS’s through the holidays with the spectre of a redesign lingering in the background of peoples minds. Come out and say it Nintendo that there will be no redesign with a 2nd circle pad. Nintendo’s most loyal fans were the early adopters and they don’t feel like getting screwed over YET AGAIN.

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