3DS in da house! Infendo introduces the most stunning 3DS unboxing on the Internet


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  1. Looks great. Just wish that the 3DS was constructed with a casing that resembled the DSi more than the DSLite. When that glossy finish wore off of my New Super Mario Bros. Edition DSLite, it was a sad sad day. My blue DSi with the regular plastic looks as great as the day I bought it, and it was a used model. Thanks OCD


    nice pice. i got to get my hands on one today and i was impressed. can;t wait til the 27th!!

  3. Playin 3DS like a Boss!

  4. Awesome, are you gonna be posting videos before the 3DS comes out, or are you prohibited by Nintendo?

  5. Gah! Get your reflection out of those product shots! 😛

  6. the finish reminds me of the sp’s, with a sort of glossy, yet grainy look

  7. Very cool, have fun! 😀

  8. Very jealous! Can’t wait till the 27th!

  9. Have fun! Once I get mine I’ll take advantage of all the price drops on games.

  10. Can’t wait for March 27 to roll around! Judging from those reflections I’m guessing you’re using a Canon DSLR, most likely an 18-55mm lens on the body.

  11. Stunning, that was awesome. Thanks

  12. I WANTS IT!