3D Dot Game Heroes, A great Homage


Like most adventure games in the old days that had an inventory, 3D Dot Game Heroes follows suit and does something similar to that of games past. While a little more updated than say a NES game, you can see the heavy influence of Zelda. Featuring a Potions, Candles, Bombs, and even a Hookshot.

However, like in Link tot he Past, you have the presence of spell items which grant you some unique powers. Most of the spells are only useful in rare situations, with the exception of the magic one or two which are necessary to kill certain enemies. However, the one set back is that a lot of the items are not necessarily useful when fighting enemies, but are required to explore farther into a dungeon or the over world map.

Comparison to Zelda

[Note: Picture above has nothing to do with 3D Dot Game Heroes, Atlus, or From Software]

3D Dot Game Heroes mimics a lot of aspects similar to that of Zelda. Ranging from the items, monsters, dungeons, and the ever prominent and humongous boss fights. A Majority of which are thrilling and exciting, as some of them require a little bit of puzzle solving to beat.

Another, element of Zelda, that the captured in the game is the fairy companion. While not adapted until Ocarina of Time, has always been a strong presence in the Zelda series since the first games. The fairy helps you with various tips and tricks depending on the dungeon or the situation, and generally speaks for your character. Besides all the obvious homages to Zelda, there is also very small dialogue hints, which thankfully, the translation team worked hard to preserve and add to the game.


3D Dot Game Heroes is an extremely satisfying parody of, and tribute to the classic 8-bit Nintendo games. The fact that they turned blocks and reformed sprites as hi-resolution 3D characters is nothing short of genius. While 3D Dot Game Heroes fulfills all those nostalgic desires for games long past, it does have a few kinks here and there. While nothing to really note, the wide scope of character creation, sword smithing, and collecting items will leave a lot of enjoyment and replayability.

The only problem, it’s only on the PS3. I suggest anyone with a PS3 and fond memories of the NES era pick this game up. Overall, Three and a half out of Four Stars.

Publisher: Atlus Average Price: $34.99-39.99

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