Super Mario 3D Land gets new logo, going ‘back to the basics’


Nintendo of America has revealed the final logo for Super Mario 3D Land, and boy is it colorful. Yoshiaki Koizumi, game director behind Super Mario 3D Land has gone on record in saying that with the new title his team is focusing on going back to the basics.

As for my thoughts on design that has changed because of the hardware update – I would say that Mario at its core has a very simple, very pop aesthetic and a very functional notion informing it and we may have started to drift from that in some of the Mario console games which are very large and occasionally very complex.

The portable Mario gives us the chance to get back to the very simple basics of the Mario universe.

You won’t find me complaining. My favorite Mario game of all time happens to be Super Mario Bros. 3, so the closer Koizumi’s team can get to that formula the better.

How do you feel about the new logo? Do you like the thought of Super Mario 3D Land taking elements from past Mario games?

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. While he’s at it, can we take out all the 3D?

  2. Hey, some of us love 3D! 🙂 If this turns out to be a solid 2.5D platformer with fun 3D effects, I’ll be one very happy camper.

  3. Once again..old news…I knew about this a couple weeks ago. :/

  4. Doesn’t every Mario game take elements from past games, really? Not that that’s a bad thing.

  5. Old news, Eugene. I saw this like four minutes ago and would have expected you to publish it sooner. Either that or just assume everyone in the world already got the memo and skip it. :/

    On point: I like the logo, not sure about the name though.

  6. I quite like the logo, and I definitely appreciate all the things brought back from earlier Mario games.

  7. @GameCollector44
    Burn! (high fives blake)

  8. The name is supposed to be an homage to the first handheld mario platformer: Super Mario Land.

    So this is Super Mario 3D Land.

  9. 2D Mario please. …and by 2D I mean like Mario 3 or Mario World.

  10. SMB3 is my favorite Mario game too! I’m excited for this

  11. It dosen’t change much really…
    We’re waiting for the game anyway 🙂

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