Monthly Archives: November 2006

Stephen Colbert: Wii Sports Boxing is #1 threat

Is the Wii the most addictive video game of all time? Stephen Colbert seems to think so, because it’s so … addictive. Then he goes and Wii Boxes the snot out of a Mii version of Speaker of the House

No Game Boy Micro for me, but Nintendo sells 600k Wii’s

If you heard a whooshing sound at all last week, it could have been a number of things. It could have been Wii consoles flying off the shelves of your local retailers; it could have been Nintendo’s Scrooge McDuck-like vault

Wii wins POPSCI Grand Award

Nintendo’s second great white hype (behind the Nintendo DS) has won Popular Science’s Grand Award for Best of What’s New in Home Entertainment. You may remember our previous post on this, but today it’s known that the Wii has taken

Infendo Radio #36: Better late than ever

It’s a Wii doozy of a late podcast. Cue up, and listen in to one fine Nintendo podcast… Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3

What to do with unneeded Wii points?

The scenario: you only want to buy Bomberman ’93 on Wii’s Virtual Console that costs 600 points, but Nintendo forces you to buy their digital currency in minimums of 1000 ($10). What are you going to do with those extra

Elebits – delayed for WiiConnect24?

GoNintendo and StrategyInformer have some news about Elebits. Seems like Konami may have delayed it from being a launch title to include some WiiConnect24 functionality. As long as features are being ironed out or added on, I don’t mind a