13 DS Games

Here’s a list of DS games that more than likely have gotten little media coverage. Some include screenshots and they all come from Nintendo’s site.

Air Assault 2
Big Mutha Truckers
Blades of Thunder *with screenshots!
Boktai (Working Title)
Dragon Ball Z*with screenshots!
Mini RC Rally*with screenshots!
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Moonlight Fables
Monster Rancher
One Piece
Pirates of the Caribbean
Spyro: Shadow Legacy*with screenshots!
Vandel Hearts (Working Title)

Any that get you excited?

[Thanks Nathan]


  1. I’m all over Monster Rancher. I had this game on my PS and the idea of a real 3-d Monster Rancher on a portable makes me drool.

  2. i may sound stupid for asking this but what’s a working title?

  3. It’s when a something doesn’t have an official name or title, ie it’s in the works…

  4. Glad to help out my favorite Nintendo News site.

  5. most of those are liscenced products so no none get me excited

  6. Any game called “Big Mutha Truckers” has to be good.

  7. One Piece 😛

  8. One Piece? Is that a t.v. show?

  9. Does anyone know if Vandel Hearts is a remake of the PS Strategy RPG Vandal Hearts, or a sequel/prequel? Or is it just something completely different with a similar title?

  10. Will want to check out One Piece and DragonBall Z. Not sure if they’ll be any good though.

    Pluto: Yup One Piece is a manga and anime series.


  11. Vandel Hearts wil either be a sequalk or prequal, it is considered a working title so obviously it would not be the first one other wise a title would be known, it is by the same developers as the original so my guess it is going to be very similar in game elements, but use the touch screen for control.

  12. i thought moble suit gundam seed was cancelled?

  13. Nothing that really interests me….maybe after I have more info on some titles….
    I always like RC racers…but we’ll see…

  14. I’ll probably never play the game, but I think you are right about that.
    Mario Tennis is so much fun, every Mario party, yet they don’t get the ratings they deserve….

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