Zelda Twilight Princess Thoughts

I just got done watching the Zelda: Twilight Princess trailer for about the umpteenth time. While it reminded me of the delay, it also made me realize that Nintendo probably did it with the game’s best interest in mind. Here’s why:

I think it’s fair to say that Nintendo has already taken the spotlight from Microsoft’s pending 360 release in November, at least for now. But there still is plenty of time for MS to build some momentum prior to the launch. You gotta believe that Nintendo was excited to release arguably its biggest video game in the same month as its competitor’s next console debut. That would have been a very smart business move like the Micro was. But they didn’t do that, rather they opted to wait and make sure the game was all it could be.

Sounds like Nintendo really does want the GameCube to go out with a bang. And Twilight Princess should be one heck of a way to do it. Don’t get me wrong, the delay is still lame, but I can appreciate the company’s commitment to quality gameplay.

Twilight Princess Trailer
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  1. as you sure know, the “revolution” will be able to play GC discs. and there are some rumors (completely unsure, maybe 8000% fake, like all rumors of course) saying that zelda tp has been delayed to implement revolution’ controller new control features. this basically means that zelda tp will be a GC game with some hidden “revolution control capabilities”, making it the first game for the revolution (read: featuring the revolution controller new way of playing) even before the system is launched ?
    anayway, if it’s true, nintendo should have revealed the final name and logo for their next console before they start producing zelda tp, because they surely will put a sort of “playable on revolution” notice on the box.

    on the other hand, this rumor is most certainly fake regarding what miyamoto said on a recent japan radio interview. you can read a commented translation from eurogamer here:

    my mother language is not english, so my english is far from perfect, sorry for this if my writing is not fully making sense.

  2. everything you said makes sense to me, especially the “delay”

  3. i don’t think its that complex. I believe that nin will release Zelda TP a few months before the Rev, and then package it with a GC shell later on.

    I think it is a great move to get people to buy the rev, but I do not believe that they will make it have any special features. Who needs it, the game looks awesome and I would buy the rev just for that game if I did not have a GC. There are a lot of gamers that just play on a nin consol for Zelda. I could be wrong but one thing is for sure these are very exciting times.

  4. First, let me clear this up for people those horses who STILL haven’t crossed the finish line: Remember that flap on the side of the revolution that opens up to reveal 4 standard gamecube contoller ports and 2 standard gamecube memory card ports? Think its just a coincidence the Revolution is also backwards compatable with gamecube games? Lets put two and two together, you use the GCN controller ports to play GCN games 8^O OF COURSE!!

    Now, back to on-topic. Shortly before the Revo controller was revealed, Shiggy said Twilight Princess would be the “last conventional (or did he say classic?) Zelda game”. Now that the Revo controller (and teaser video) has been revealed, I think its safe to assume that Twilight Princess will be the last old-fashioned button pushin’ Zelda title (for home consoles at least). Since its gonna be the last, it was a good choice to delay it to make it as good as possible. Would you rather look back on the last classic-style Zelda game and love how rich and full and fine-tuned and polished it is or look back on it and see a Windwaker or Perfect Dark Zero (I assume you’ve all heard the news that Rare was rushed and was forced to cut particular parts of the game out to meet the 360 launch deadline), a great game that could have very easily been made better but the developers just didn’t.

    Which of course goes back to my one-liner for people complaining about the Zelda delay and saying it will somehow cause the Revolution to fail and Nintendo to die: “Would you rather have a rich, lengthy, polished, and over-all better Zelda game a few months later or a less-than Zelda game rushed to meet a deadline?”

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