Zelda Twilight Princess Delayed

The new Zelda has been delayed until Spring 2006 (after March 31). That’s one heck of a delay and we’re not too happy. That’s all I’m saying about that.

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  1. This is a problem… As it was, TP was an acceptable GC release because it was going to be at least 5-6 months before Rev. was released, and of course playable on the Rev.

    Now if they release a GC game around the same time as the revolution, what are they trying to say? that their new next gen console is capable of the same thing their 5 year old console is? However, a worse possibility is that they are trying to get Zelda hype in spring 06 to soften the blow that Rev. won’t be out for much later, say holiday 06.

    If they do just push it back 6 months and it’s still for GC I will be very disappointed in Nintendo’s lack of vision. Having TP actually FOR Revolution would be something worth waiting for. A summer 06 launch for the console with some real killer games, inc. TP would really do an incredible amount for Nintendo’s image & validity in the next gen space.

    After all, imagine Halo 3 coming out for XBox 1 after 360 was launched… I can see the riots now…

  2. And what about making it a better game.

    Yes, I do think that it’s bad strategy, but it’s may mean that nintendo is focusing to perfect it’s games, instead of winning the competition.

    And what about us? Do we need Nintendo to win the competition so we can tell to our Sonysts and Microsofsts friends that this round is ours, or we just need to sit quitely with our Nintendo consoles and play games so good that they can’t even think about in their less than stellar but sucessfull consoles?

    Well, I stick with the quality of my games instead of the hype of theirs.

  3. I think this rumor is utter crap. Nintendo Power Magazine already has contest offer’s to win this game, how could they do htis if there isn’t some sort of English version being edited as we speak. And all those poster’s at my local hastings? Too much has been invested in the November release to push it back that far. I could see maybe back to December, but I would bet my life Nintendo’s not going to miss out on holiday season 2005.

    Oh, and I will bet the Revolution will hit US for Holiday season 2006, no way would it be any sooner.

  4. I think if this was just a rumour, Nintendo would be totally going out of it’s way to tell everyone that Zelda is still on schedule.

    Better game? sure that’s fine, but a better game would also be a game on Revolution, with the ability to bump up the polys and textures to full effect. Sure it may not push the rev to it’s limits but with working to make it look that good on the GC I’m sure the art team could use a little extra power to make a Rev. version of this game blow most next gen games out of the water.

    That shot of the town with a couple dozen people walking around is amazing… imagine what the art team could do with an extra 9-10 months and the power of the revolution to add more atmosphere throughout the game… anyone who says that extra realism wouldn’t add to the game is on some other planet.

    Marketshare isn’t important? From a real world perspective it is a major issue. GC did so-so this generation, considering that XBox started from nothing, that’s really bad. Now M$ is ahead of Nintendo, and it may come to pass that Nintendo no longer can support itself to produce home consoles and will have to do a Sega. I for one want Nintendo hardware AND software.. I want Nintendo to KICK ASS in the next gen space, and assure everyone that they will be providing hardware/software for a long time to come.

    To this end, by pushing Zelda back almost a year, this game must be moved to Rev… so it reaches it’s full potential, and helps Revolution reach it’s potential… most stores now have a half-assed Cube section… what sort of shining light will one more title add? not much.. but for a newly born console generation.. surrounded by typical blah-blah launch titles, TP would turn the heads of the most loyal M$/Sony fanboy…

  5. Yeah but if Nintendo DID just release this title for Revolution what message would they be sending out to the allready deprived GC owners who have been waiting for this release since E3 2004? Besides that, it was allready announced that they are working on a seperate Zelda title for Revolution. This makes more sense because that title is being built from the ground up for the Rev which means it will actually make good use of the console’s power instead of just rehashing old technology. It also makes more financial sense because they could just release two Zelda titles w/o increasing dev costs & time spent on one of them (TP obviously). By the amount of hype it’s allready been given, it seems like this Zelda title will sell no matter what, but since the GC console base is allready established they might as well make more profit out of it while they still can. I think if TP wasn’t a title that they had allready put fouth a great deal of time and effort into it prolly would’ve gotten pushed to Rev a la Starfox Adventures & Animal Crossing GC (neither of these titles were graphically improved versions running on their respective N64 title’s game engine). They’ve been working on TP for a decent amount of time now so it wouldn’t make sense to put more time into it just to increase sales of a future system and abandon the current one which it has been designed for all this time. This way people who allready own a GC and those who buy a Rev will be able to play the game, so game sales will increase.

  6. Oh yeah and I forgot, I don’t think you have to worry about Nintendo going belly up, 3rd party like SEGA did. Nintendo has been making profits on the GC system since day one b/c they did not loose any money selling any GC system like SONY and MS did (until they implemented the $99 price drop and then I think it was only like $5 or something on each system, A LOT less than SONY and MS were loosing). So technically Nintendo has been making more profit on each system sold than SONY or MS. Plus if you look at the number of systems sold Nintendo is only trailing MS behind by total number of systems sold, so it’s not like Nintendo is in a financial crisis. DS has killed PSP in sales and one reason SEGA did so badly is because they would ABANDON support for their past systems too soon, except for the GENESIS which turned to be their most popular one. SEGA also had a terrible problem with piracy (with the DC) which Nintendo doesn’t even have half as bad as SONY and MS do right now.

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