Zelda to Launch 11/14?

Word on the street is that Zelda: Twilight Princess is scheduled for a November 14th US release. Our friends across the pond can expect it by the 25th. I wonder when we’ll find out about the pre-order details.

Any reason this won’t be the game of the year?

[Source: Amazon via Cubed]


  1. Hehe, nah I can’t think of a reason.
    Nintendo won’t hurt Zelda. It is too important for Nintendo, but still they are doing new stuff with it. That’s what I love about Nintendo. They are willing to take a risk.

  2. I’d say GOTY would go to either Zelda, RE4, or some generic shooter. Also, Wind Waker was better than KOTOR.

  3. I’m really looking forawrd to this. Next month I’m hopefully going to be at the Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival (www.eief.co.uk), where Twilight Princess will be PLAYABLE!

    It’s really cheap to get in, is anyone else from the UK going?

  4. I’m pretty sure jealousy is against the Jedi Code, but I really can’t help myself.

  5. Doesn’t this title run the risk of being over-shadowed by the launch of the XBox360 if both products launch at around the same time?

  6. is 360 to be launched this xmas? damn ms…

  7. I know what will make this a bomb…If tingle halfway through the game kills link and takes Zelda as his crack whore. Then while on a drug induced frenzy Tingle mows down friend and foe alike with his oozie all this while in drag of course lol. That my friends would kill Zelda:TP = Zelda:Tingle’s Psycho!

  8. Well lets see, this game has horse back combat, a really big map, and you can turn into a wolf. Plus some stuff we don’t even know about yet. Last years game of the year had multiplayer and duel weilding, wow thats amazing. Yeah I see this game as game of the year. Also this game can’t be overshadowed by microsoft, it’s Zelda. Everyone loves it, or sucks.

  9. this is supposed to be the most anticipated game of the year and some people are bying gamecubes just for it.(i read on another blog that a guy was buying a gamecube just to play it)if anything it will take attention away from the xbox 360. its probably gonna be awesome.

    p.s. i like halo 2 but i like re4 and wind waker more.

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