Zelda Skyward Sword: How far in are you?

I’m 48 hours in and still can’t see the finish line, although all indications are I’m about to turn the final corner. What’s more, there is a boatload of treasure, side missions, and islands I hope to unlock immediately prior to my final push to the summit.

Yup, I’d say I could enjoy this thing for a good 15 more hours before beating and laying it to rest as my favorite single player game of all time.

What about you? How far in have you made it? What do you think so far?


  1. Let’s see I almost got everything except a couple of heart pieces I have upgraded everything thing I can.
    I got the best shield I lolly gagged around a lot just to enjoy the scenery.
    I set link down on a chair, and the toilet, and waited for the idle animation which if you haven’t done do it it’s funnier on the toilet.
    I got all the crystals.
    I died only once sad, but true the first boss.
    The final boss is a big let down letting you know ahead of time it’s crap he’s intimidating at first glance, but nothing more.
    Oh yeah I beat it 2 days ago at 58 hours(I don’t know if it counts your time being paused or not if so knock off about 10 or so of those hours, cause I would pause it to play with my little one).
    Last thoughts: It was fun, but it still didn’t offer enough challenge.
    I liked some of the puzzles I hated the trials, it was fun, and had good graphics.
    The difficulty stays the same after the 3rd dungeon except for the trials, and some puzzles.
    The final dungeon is a pain, but easy enough to figure out.
    The last boss just pissed me off from how easy he is zant was more of a challenge only challenge the last boss has is the attack power if you aren’t paying attention then he will kill you.
    My rating is higher than twilight princess, but come on nintendo 5 years for this seriously I have to give it 7/10 in my opinion Twilight princess was a 4/10 to me.

    Also if you haven’t got enough dusk relics I have tip it isn’t much of a spoiler.
    Go to the water fall cave at night there is some butterflies floating around in a spot play the harp a shifty sheika stone will pop up, and whatever rare treasure you need he will give you.
    I payed a hundred rupees for a dusk relic I just was wondering if it worked or not it did.
    (Sorry for any bad english)

  2. I absolutely didn’t rush at all through the game, from my view, and I still managed to see the credits at a little over 35 hours. I felt a sense of accomplishment, but also of loss as one of the best games I’ve played was finishing. I copied my file before crossing the point of no return, and have a new game now that I haven’t really played much. I don’t know what I did though, to do it that quickly. Puzzles just flowed and the intensity of the game was always to 11 after the initial upward climb of the prologue. The only time I died was on the last boss because I had exhausted my healings on the prior battle, and while previous bosses were very challenging, I managed to cruise mostly on first tries. My hand and wrist were literally sore after a few days of having the game. I had been playing Wind Waker in the midst of waiting for SS, and there is just no comparison. SS is much more difficult, complex, and deep overall and managed to surpass WW as my favorite Zelda. That said, I still missed a few hearts, didn’t finish the Hylian shield quest, and some other upgrades and sidequests were unfinished too.

  3. 2o hours in and counting.

  4. I’ve played 39 hrs. Last night I’ve beaten the temple in the volcano, and returned to the Forest to speak with the old woman again. and saw one of the most epic moments with Zelda (I mean, her but also the franchise XD) which reminded me of the moment when I discovered the Master Sword in Ocarina of Time such a long time ago. Beautiful moment. Great game. I don’t want it to end.

  5. I beat the game the first run through @ 35 hours, and had one of the best experiences I’ve ever had gaming. 🙂 I’m now on my second play through to complete all the things. The controls really clicked by now, and I feel a total sense of control. It’s perfect, it’s got the best Zelda character’s ever, and it’s now my #1 Zelda. The story is a little mind boggling if you really explore, and pay attention to details.

    I don’t know if I can go back to “just HD” Zelda anymore. Realism vs. this stylized art?? Not a chance, this, is beautiful. I really do wonder how they will make the WiiU Zelda any better… Skyward Sword <3 (the wife loves it too, she watched me play it)

  6. 35 now but that’s with my dog constantly interrupting haha she hates when I play video games.

  7. I got 10 hours in…..then I had to go overseas. I won’t be back home to finish the game until February. ;_;

  8. I completed everything in my first run through at 49 hours. I then copied my file, and beat the final boss again to start Hero Mode. I haven’t played into Hero Mode yet, but I look forward to having the adventure all over again!

  9. Still on the first dungeon, going to play more this weekend.

  10. I’m only a few hours in, I just got to the Goddess Song arc.

    I’m frankly a bit disappointed in the motion controls. They work fine, (usually–a few boss fights show that it isn’t quite right, even with large dramatic swings), but are rarely needed–I’ve been waggling the rest of the time and it hasn’t caused me any deaths.

  11. I got my copy weeks ago, but I haven’t opened it. I told myself I’d wait until the end of the semester to play it so I don’t have any work/obligations in the back of my mind when I’m playing. I want this to be an adventure I can trek through with no worries. Ughhh, one more week!

  12. 20 hours in, 3rd temple, taking my sweet time!

  13. @monkat I felt the same way for a while.. You really do just have to keep at it till it “clicks”. Believe me, it will, and it will feel awesome. 🙂

  14. I finished the game in one day.


  16. i got the hylian shield too…its pretty easy to get

  17. I beat Hero Mode a few days ago. But where the hell did you find that photo for the article? Since when does Moldarach appear in places without sand?

  18. Only thing I hate about the hylian shield quest is they throw you into the imprisoned battles to much, and when your low on hearts, and not allow to use potions to keep up with him it’s big pain.
    Funny thing is that the 2nd imprisoned battle was harder than the 3rd to me.
    If you know nothing about the 3rd imprisoned battle all I got to say is you will say wtf seriously nintendo wtf (miyamoto did you think of this)when you see what we (the ones who fought him already) have seen, of course if you spoiled yourself then you wont be saying it.

    I accidentally got into the 3rd imprisoned battle (I dropped from the sky and the next thing I know when I landed is the ground was shaking I was like oh crap you got to be kidding me), and I wasn’t prepared for him, and I won with ease when it came to the 2nd one I figured he would show up so I prepared, and it was still a hassle.

  19. 25+ hours in at the moment. Loving the mini games and the graphics. The last Zelda game i played was on the SNES … I will definitely be going back for the other Wii and 64 titles 🙂

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