Zelda director: Wii won’t alienate core gamers

Eiji AonumaIn an interview with Nintendo Power this month, famed Zelda director Eiji Aonuma had this to say when asked how Nintendo can expand the gaming market without alienating its core base:

It’s because of gamers that games have come as far as they have… it’s not Nintendo’s intent to alienate those people… We think we can involve everyone — people who played games in the past because the approach is so new, and people who were never gamers.

People avoid change like the Plague, and gamers like myself are no different. But even though the Zelda director says Nintendo won’t alienate core gamers, said players better anticipate the “new approach” assuming they haven’t already; otherwise there’ll be some disappointed folk like those we’ve already seen. The question then becomes, will the final result be better for gamers, non-gamers, or both?