Yuji Naka interview, Ivy the Kiwi uniquely fun


On Day 3 of E3, Roger of (VGtribune) and myself had the opportunity to interview one of the fathers of gaming, Yuji Naka. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Yuji Naka he is the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, and has worked on many flagship Sega titles such as Nights into Dreams, Burning Rangers, and Phantasy Star Online. During the private demo we were able to learn a lot about Ivy the Kiwi such as the unique powers of the “ivy” that helps “Ivy the Kiwi?” reach areas in the game.

It was a pleasure to meet the highly-acclaimed Yuji Naka with his translator Jimmy Soga from XSEED JKS, Inc. Once you’ve watched the demo of Ivy the Kiwi? above, hit the jump for our interview of Sonic’s creator, Yuji Naka.


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