Youtube Tuesday: First Minutes of Cave Story

Ever wonder what the first few minutes of a new game might be like? Well here’s a quick video of Cave Story, a once freeware PC indie game turned WiiWare exclusive.

Have you guys tried Cave Story yet?

8 Responses to Youtube Tuesday: First Minutes of Cave Story

  1. Noremakk says:

    Best WiiWare game, hands-down. Forget World of Goo, this is a throne usurper.

  2. Yes, the game is absolutely great. I’d place it in my top 10 games of all time, probably.

  3. Josh says:

    Really enjoying it so far, although at least so far it’s a bit on the easy side. I’ve only played it about an hour though.

  4. Xelpud says:

    Yep, I just purchased this a day ago. EASILY the best piece of WiiWare out there as of the moment (with World of Goo coming into a close second). I heartily recommend this game to anyone who loves platformers, Metroid, or just video games in general (and possibly to some people who don’t). Between this and the upcoming La-Mulana, I’d say that Nicalis is easily the dominant force on WiiWare. Seriously, go buy this game (or if you’re apprehensive try the free PC version first), you won’t regret it.

  5. Xelpud says:

    One extra bit though, while the new graphics are awesome, I suggest sticking with the classic music. It’s sounds a good deal better in my opinion. Either that, or I’m just nostalgic.

  6. I played the freeware version on PC and it really sucked me in. its fun. this version seems exactly the same so I probably wont buy it.

  7. I’ve been enjoying both the new music and the new graphics.

  8. rfLarke says:

    I look forward to playing this game on my Wii but… wow… The new music is terrible.

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