YouTube Spotlight: GilvaSunner

Fans of GilvaSunner’s YouTube channel know that he uploads Nintendo soundtracks with exceptional quality. After playing two of my favorite games from last year, Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, I was excited for Gilva to upload the game’s soundtracks. A Link Between Worlds came quickly, and you can check out the playlist here. The Super Mario 3D World equivalent was a long time coming, but the wait is over. Click here to listen to the game’s soundtrack. And take a look at GilvaSunner’s whole channel: chances are, he’ll have one or two (or more) playlists you’ll be very interested to listen to.

Today’s featured video is, of course, from Super Mario 3D World. It’s the background music to the Hisstocrat boss battle, one of my personal favorite tracks in the game. Check it out above.

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  1. Lord Lemmy says:

    I remember back when he was “SilvaGunner”, and then, for some reason, his account was banned or something, so then he came back as GilvaSunner.

  2. I think it was a copyright issue of some kind, with a game developer other than Nintendo, which is why he’s Nintendo-only now.

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