Your Wi-Fi Questions Answered

GameCube Europe has a great interview with Nintendo of Europe’s Jim Merrick. He answers a ton of questions regarding Nintendo’s new wi-fi service including third party games, network infrastructure, Mario Kart, etc. Well worth your time.

Do you think Nintendo will deliver with their wi-fi play?

[Thanks Vince]


  1. Maybe they will!

    I read the full interview, and alot of fears were laid to rest, we know they will at least have WEP encryption on the DS, and that you’ll be able to invite friends to your NWFC buddy list through afew different methods, which is important.

    Also we know now that (unlike some rumours) people from all over the world will be able to play online with each other. There was talk that the service would restrict you to play only your region, ie europians could not play with those in America etc.

    Finally, I find it interesting that Metroid Prime Hunters has been pushed back to Q1 2006. I am NOT sad about this at all, because the thought of the game being released without Wi-Fi made it totally useless to me and many people I spoke to. It looks like Nintendo might actually be working on making the game run on NWFC, which would be nothing short of amazing.

    I’ve emailed Nintendo re: metroid for the radio show, will post hear if they give any tidbits regarding Metroid WiFi


  2. Interesting read. It actually sounds too easy to be true 😉 Nah Nintendo could make it happen….80%+ Online gamers…..
    Honestly if it’s THAT easy, most people will at least try to play online and most will probably play again.
    But what’s with dial-up users (like me) will they be able to play NWFC games ? At decent framrates ?

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