You Will Say ‘Wow’

It’s time to adjust our lenses on this whole Revolution graphics deal. There have been a flurry of reactions, both here and other places, to the supposed leaked specs. For the most part, it’s been alot of worry. Worry that is essentially unfounded.

I see this as a non-issue. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that graphics don’t matter, because they do, and saying they don’t is a pure defense mechanism. What i will tell you is that this whole thing is overblown. It’s exactly why Nintendo didn’t want their specs to be known to the public. We have some saying that they are considering “jumping ship” to the competition, others saying too many corners are being cut because of the suggested low price. Why so flaky?

I, for one, know that no matter how hi-def another console is, i can’t see it on my standard def TV. HD graphics is a misconception– the only thing HD affects is the screen’s resolution. The extra hardware in an HD console goes to waste because all it does is allow a regular looking next-gen game to look sharper. Plus the Revolution’s remote is more appealing than any sort of HD. Unfortunately, everyone forgets this because a good portion gets too caught up in the flame wars that the smoke clouds their vision. You have to ask yourself, at the end of the day, what matters most to you: Having a blast with your wicked unique controller, or shoving clock rates down your friends’ throats? Get your priorities straight.

In the end, a console should cater to your needs, not to the needs of that HDTV you might have in 3 years. Forget about Nintendo being discounted by hardcore gamers. They aren’t gonna file for bankruptcy just cause a few on-paper chip numbers don’t please a limited bunch. Nintendo knows what they are doing; they will drop your jaws with what they’ll pump outta that sexy little system, on SD and HD sets.