Xenoblade Chronicles now being sold for $90 at GameStop. Wait, what?


According to a post on NeoGAF, US game retailer GameStop has received a large shipment of copies of the critically-acclaimed Wii title, Xenoblade Chronicles. The catch? GameStop is selling individual copies at a staggering price of $90…pre-owned. The NeoGAF poster also mentioned that it’s possible to take the price down with coupons that are floating around online. That alone may be a tall order for some. Still, this shipment and price could be related to eliminating extra stock of the title, which is odd considering how much the it is currently fetching.

Much like the sudden discontinuation of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii in early 2010, it makes sense why Xenoblade Chronicles would be a hot commodity for collectors. In the end, this price jump for a fairly recent title (Xenoblade was released in mid-2011 exclusive to GameStop retailers and through Nintendo’s website) is absurd, but hopefully, with a little searching, one can find sufficient amount of deals or coupons to take the price down.

What do you think of this price hike for Xenoblade Chronicles? Did you purchase the well-received JRPG when it first launched? Tell us in the comments below.

7 Responses to Xenoblade Chronicles now being sold for $90 at GameStop. Wait, what?

  1. Diagoras says:

    I fortunately pre-ordered this and picked it up the day it came out. And shortly after I turned on my Wii and put it in, my Wii went kaput. Ah well, at least I can play it eventually. I feel kind of sad now for everyone who wasn’t able to get it at launch. Here’s hoping the same doesn’t happen with the upcoming “X.” I’ll probably pre-order that just in case (HINT HINT everyone).

  2. raindog469 says:

    So glad I got this new when it came out. I missed out on Metroid Prime Trilogy, but got the two Zelda bonus discs on the Gamecube and the Mario All-Stars limited edition on the Wii.

    The difference is that Xenoblade is an amazing game in its own right, probably the best game on the Wii, and it’s not nostalgia fueling those prices. Word of mouth and Nintendo lowballing the expected demand equals a scalper-like situation. See also: Rez. (But Xenoblade has a hell of a lot more game than Rez.)

    I would absolutely pay 90 bucks to replace it if my copy died. Probably more, seeing as how copies are selling on ebay, Amazon etc. for more than that already.

  3. Brian Foster says:

    Well it looks like I will never be owning this game. At least I have Metroid Prime Trilogy.

  4. Drahken says:

    Pfft, Mario All-Stars on Wii? I’m pulling gamer hipster rank and proclaiming that I have the original Mario All-Stars on SNES. I remember we had to redeem some coupon of claim ticket or something for some promotion to get it at Toys’R’Us. Mayeb we got it for free? I don’t remember. What I do remember is a lot of good times playing it. (Also got Prime Trilogy. Got the crappy shirt that came with it, but not the awesome poster, so I had to buy that on ebay.)

  5. raindog469 says:

    I never even owned a SNES. My little brother owned a NES, but I was onto PC gaming already by then (C64, then Amiga, then DOS). My first Nintendo console was the Gamecube. I did play the SNES All-Stars in emulation, which was why I knew I wanted a copy for a current system. It didn’t work out, since it’s still shrinkwrapped, but hey, now I don’t feel bad about running it in emulators.

    Still haven’t even played Link to the Past. Bought it on the Virtual Console on my first Wii just in time for it to die. I’m planning to play it on my Android TV box as soon as I finish 3D Dot Game Heroes on the PS3, since it obviously owes a huge debt to the 2D Zeldas and is way more fun than I expected (I don’t expect the awesomely unbalanced swords of 3DDGH in LTTP, but I do expect a better story and characters I can actually care about.)

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