Worse Game Ever

Nintendo Power is currently counting down the best 200 Nintendo games of all time. While this is insanely subjective, the “worst” category isn’t so much. NP cites Superman on the N64 as the worst Nintendo game ever. Maybe, but my money is on Jaws for the original NES… Horrible.

What’s your worst game ever?


  1. oh, superman on the n64? *culs up into a little ball and shudders*

  2. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing for the PC comes to mind.

  3. i heard catstlevania for the 64 was brutal

    heard aquaman was a nightmare too

    transformers for the NES was pretty terrible

  4. I broke out my NES not too long ago and found myself returning time and time again to Jaws. I thought it was a lot of fun and very addicting.

  5. I guess even “worst” games are subjective Nicholas. That’s funny.

  6. I can’t really think of a single worst game….there are so many bad games out there….
    I dislike many games even though I know they are great games…i.e. Splinter Cell (the first one was ok, but the others were the same stuff and just boring…)
    But I can’t think of a worst game…

  7. friday the 13th for NES

  8. Wing Commander: Secret Missions for SNES would have to be one of my least enjoyable gaming experiences to date. Not to mention it feels like you can progress in it so you keep trying only to get absorbed into the heated fury that will grow inside of you and fester even after you stop playing.

    Oh, and how about Flintstones: Big Trouble in Bedrock for GBA?

  9. Boat from Jaws rules! Don`t mess with Boat!

  10. Oh, I can’t pick a single worst game from way back when, but one that instantly springs to mind is Spiderman 2. For the PC!

    I remember thinking “Oh man my friend was playing this on the Gamecube it’s so awesome I’ll play it on my computer it’ll be better and OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS HORRID THING?!”

    What made it so horrible was the fact that until a while after it’s launch, there was no way to tell that it was a different game from the consoles. Oh those fools.

  11. Dude, Jaws is bad ass. Like a year ago we had a terrible snow storm and got stuck indoors for days. Me and my buddy played that joint for like 48 hours straight.

    It was sad. At one point we were so strong we could crush jaws np. But man, I will admit that Jaws has the most annoying end boss of all time.

    It is so damn hard to aline the bow of the ship with him so you can spear him.


  12. Yeah, I actually enjoyed Jaws a lot. It was just rated poorly because the gameplay wasn’t related to the movie very much.

    Friday the 13th sucks!

  13. cave man games from NES was one of my most horrible gaming experiences… just horrible…

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