World of Goo: A True Indie Story

Somewhere in a coffee shop in San Francisco, Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler are crunching code and cleaning art.  The two of them make up the entire staff of 2D Boy, a self proclaimed “unstoppable force on the front lines of the indie revolution!”  In true indie fashion, the pair traded steady jobs at EA to blaze new trails in game design.  What qualifies them?  Kyle Gabler happens to be one of the minds behind the Experimental Gameplay Project, an open Indie game community designed to rapidly prototype new gameplay concepts.  2D Boy’s first game, World of Goo, is based off of concepts Kyle developed with the Experimenal Gameplay project.  I was only able to spend scant minutes with the upcoming WiiWare title at Nintendo’s Media Summit, and though I liked it – I only got a taste of what’s in store.

Check out Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Exclusive Review of World of Goo and look for World of Goo on WiiWare starting Oct. 13, 2008. 

Hit the jump for Screens and Artwork from the game!

World of Goo has an Online “Leaderboard,” measured by how tall your Tower of Goo grows.

The game features and “OCD” mode, for players that want more challenge out of the game.

The white lines preview what link will be made when you place your goo.

World of Goo will be avalible for PC and Wiiware on Oct. 13th, 2008