Wind Waker Revisit

As we prepare for the much anticipated Twilight Princess, I came across this new reader review of Wind Waker on IGN. It’s to the point, short and sweet (far too many reviews are too long, i.e. GameSpot).

This was and is a great game. Which Zelda has been your favorite?


  1. ocarina of time, because it was so new and different. i liked wind waker but it would have been so much better had the time taken to sail places not been so long.

  2. Link’s Awakening will always hold a special place in my heart, since it was the first Zelda game I ever played and what got me into the Zelda series.

  3. I always like the Zelda game I recently played best. SO for me it’s The Minish Cap 😀
    I’m really looking forward to the Zelda DS game….is some kind of MMOG possible with the DS ? That’d be sooo cool 😀

  4. I would say links awakening since i’v had it since forever and has banished many boring moments,most of them on a plane

  5. A Link to the Past. One of the best games for the best console ever made.

  6. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX. Best. Zelda. Ever.

  7. The Wind Waker. It’s the most beautiful game ever, and if you see the 1960’s japanese animation you’ll see you can’t tell the difference between the two. Even some of the characters seem to be inspired by “The Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon” by Toei Animation.

    I got to see that movie on cartoon Network Mexico the same week the showed the trailer for this game and everyone was talking how crappy it looked, while I was amazed at what Nintendowas capable on doing on their Gamecube. The Music and all those waves you see while sailing is just amazing and truly art. I thought Nintendo was crazy riding the cell shading wave that Sega Smilebit created, but No one really presented it in the way this game did. Now this was Next generation gaming. Not that other game that year… Grand Theft Auto.

  8. Exactly, I have yet to see cell shading in a game or pre-rendered that is up to par with the Wind Waker. Most cell shading looks like a funky 3D model, but this really looks like a cartoon.

    One thing that bugs me with most cell shaded video games is their attempt to emulate the black outline present in most animated shows. Zelda Wind Waker is on the level of a good Disney cartoon movie (no black outline). Very fluid and cool.

    Though the gameplay didn’t match the graphical coolness(Triforce search!) This game made me yearn for the classic Link sword beam attack. *crosses fingers for Twilight Princess to incoorperate it*

  9. Agree with the last two comments and the reader review – WW is the most enchanting Zelda ever. Those vivid colours, the fluid animation, that music when you’re sneaking past the guards in the Forsaken Fortress, that stirring music when you’re sailing your boat…

    Agree about reviews being too long (this one in the link is just right) as well; most sites like Gamespot, Eurogamer and Ign adhere to a corporate structure. ie they have to write ‘reviews’ of a certain length. Many times I’m reading these ‘reviews’ and it makes me want to lose my will to to live. ie they describe the plot and repeat many aspects that are in the press blurb and instruction booklet rather than critically describing what they feel about the game.

    /end of review rant

  10. I love all the versions of Zelda, but my favorite has to be Wind Waker.

  11. not to be different.. but my favorite was and always will be The Adventure of Link. the up-thrust and down-thrust need to make a comeback along with the spells and difficulty level. i love it.

    wind waker and the original LOZ are tied for second

  12. Just look at that pic of Wind Waker. This was an incredible game.

  13. A Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda game because it was the first zelda game. I loved the dungeons, puzzles, and story line. It was also the first game I finished completely. But…Wind Waker is the Zelda game I’ve had the most fun playing. It’s beutiful and very satifying playing in the cartoon environment. It was worth the cost of the Gamecube just to play this game over the last 6 months. I’m almost finished it just the last dungeon to finish and I pre-ordered Twilight Princess yesterday 🙂
    Now I just have to wait the 4 months.

  14. First Legend of Zelda always holds a place in my heart when I encountered it back in the ’80s. But, as far as my fave, I think Minish Cap takes the place… I love my DS, and it was a beautiful game to play and the shrinking added a whole new perspective and layer to the classic Z play.
    I thought 4 swords (GCN) was kind of dumb at first walking around with 4 links, but, I was soon hooked and enjoyed that one almost as much. However, it was, of course, more beautiful than MC.

  15. For some reason I like the atmosphere of Majora’s Mask the most, but Twilight Princess is, without even playing, my favorite. Windwaker was artistically nice, but it doesn’t look nearly as well as Okami. What would be really nice is an adult Link Zelda-game with Okami’s artistic style.

  16. I love this game, and i always defended it to the core. No one could ever sway me even before release that the graphics sucked.

  17. Ah, Wind Waker. Though people criticized the graphics (mostly people who played Xbox and PS2,) it was an excellent game.

    However, for the sheer time-that-I-played-it enjoyment, I know I had the most fun when I started with Link to the Past. My young-ish age coupled with the span of Link’s world blew me away. Plus it was the first game to actually give Link a life beyond “You’re the hero. Go,” as well as a story behind everything else.

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