Will the WiiFit balance board work on carpeting?

122468-1-1.jpgScales typically have some difficulty giving an accurate reading when someone puts it on carpeting. That got me thinking–even though WiiFit calculates BMI, and not weight, there some similarities there. And it need calibration, just like a digital scale.

So my question is: Will the Wii Balance Board work on carpeting?

The E3 demo (and subsequent hands-on sessions), were all on a solid surface. Could shag carpeting (or more seriously, any carpeting for that matter) be the Achilles Heel of the Balance Board? My apartment has hardwood floors, so I’m safe, but how about everyone else? My parents’ house has “carpeting throughout” and I worry for the Wii that lives there now.

Will the readings be all out of whack? Will something as ancient and everyday as carpeting derail what looks to be a pretty substantial offering to the non-traditional gaming sect?

We’ll see in 2008, won’t we?