Will TGS Deliver?

We’ve been hearing for some time now that the Revolution, or at least it’s controller, will be revealed this Friday at the Tokyo Games Show. Do you think this will happen?

Although we’re hoping as much as the next gamer, I’m not too sure the company would announce big news only days before the US Micro launch. That could kill some much needed buzz.

[Source: Aussie-Nintendo]


  1. Still, one could argue the revolution controller’s excitement can be coupled with the release of the micro. I don’t think the people who will be buying the micro are really going to be waiting on pins and needles about the details of the new controller.

    I hope they reveal that sucka.

  2. seems to me that they pretty much HAVE to drop some pretty big news. The hype is huge, and pretty much every major news/media source is looking towards the keynote at TGS for Revo info. I think Nintendo would have squashed the rumor with a press release by now if they weren’t going to share some big news… otherwise, they are going to further cultivate a serious wave of fanboy dissapointment/anger.
    I’m expecting more Revo information… but i’m also expecting to be dissapointed by the lack of detail.

  3. Conspiracy theory: The Micro IS the Revo controller!

    Turns out when the Revo launches, the Micro’s internal clock fires up and it magically turns into a simple touchscreen device with a port for add-ons. It also spontaneously becomes wireless.

    Ok, time to come back to reality.


  5. Spong have today re-confirmed that the controller will definitely be shown on Friday. This news coming from a “fresh Nintendo source”.


    Although some claim Spong’s reliablility when it comes to breaking news stories is less than trustworthy, to stick their neck out TWICE would suggest they are either very silly, or perhaps genuinely onto something here.

    Either way, there’s not long to wait now.

  6. It’s coming. I’ve got that feeling. Friday, SOMETHING is going to happen…

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