Will Nintendogs Move Units?

Forget the lame commercial, will Nintendogs move DS units here in the US? Will the game be as successful as it has been in Japan? It was interesting that not many of you noted the title on your DS Top 5. Any particular reason?

I for one am pretty excited, but I’m a little biased as a dog lover living in a condo where I can’t sport a big ol’ lab. Here’s to dog loving tamagotchi style!


  1. I think so… I already had to import a pink DS for my girlfriend so that we can both have Nitnendogs next week.

    So already a new sale here.

  2. For me Nintendogs is going to be a nice game, but i think there are more interesting games to come….
    Main reason to buy it is my girlfriend 😉 but Nintendogs attracts non-gamers and with the price cut it’s probably going to move units imho…

  3. Good God

    That commercial is BRUTAL

    Bring back the Zelda Rap.. much cooler 🙂

    Yes it will (or would) sell units, if Nintendo did a commercial that appealed to new targets, like girls and older players.. this game looks like its trying to get the 9-13 crowd… erm :-/


  4. I’m definitely picking it up, as I live in a condo and work all day, so I can’t have a real dog. 🙁

  5. Well, we’ve got a Mario game, a Mario Kart game, an Advance Wars game, a Metroid game, a Castlevania game, and an Animal Crossing game coming out for the DS. I’ll probably get Nintendogs sooner or later, but it really isn’t my top priority.

  6. I’m so excited for this game, I’ve been waiting all summer. And I think this title has all the potential to be a handheld apocalypse for the PSP, but that commercial… I like that they’re aiming at girls (a group often ignored) but boys are already a solid market that needs to be addressed. There should be a few commercials with a few genders of different ages to show how it appeals to different people. The game has enough versatility to appeal to a large market and Nintendo needs to show that. And we also need to see hard-core advertisement in magazines and newspaper adds. I think advetsing will make all the difference here. three days! I can’t wait.

  7. Man that commercial sucked. But i will eventually get one……..eventaully.

  8. Tamagotchi did nothing for me, but hey, look how well that did. Same goes for Nintendogs.

  9. The game will be a success and definitely move units. The price cut will certainly help.

    Will I get Nintendogs? Probably after Metroid Prime Hunters, Castlevania DS, both Mario games, Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing DS.

  10. Personally I doubt that Nintendogs will sell as well in the States as it did in Japan. Almost every PSP/Sony fanboy uses Nintendogs to put down the DS. I’m sure you’ve all heard things like “I’d rather play GT4, than rub a dog’s belly with the touch screen” – that was the polite version ;).
    I believe that DS Wi-Fi supported games like Tony Hawk, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing will boost the DS’s sales the most in the coming months. With the DS Wi-Fi commercial due to air in a thousand cinemas next week, I’m sure we can expect greater interest in DS online games.

  11. Why are the current console and handheld gamers offended and feel like they have to make a choice to either eventually buy Nintendogs or shun it.

    Really Nintendo would be happy if the audience it wants to draw with this title buy it rather than a plain old hardcore gamers. The success of this title should be measured in it’s sell through to females and “non-gamers”. If we see it is a majority “non-gamers” then Nintendo accomplished what it set out to do.

  12. wow that commercial realy is gay…it was soo bad when i watched it i actually felt embarrased for nintendo….holy shit that commercial sucks, i cant get over it
    wow nintendo needs better marketing

  13. wow dont they screen these things b4 they make the final versions? how lame is that i cant tell if its supposed ot be funny (which its not) or if its supposed to make u look cool for having nintendogs (which it doesnt do) this is just gona add to nintendos kiddy/shitty advertising image

  14. It’s just horrible.. the commercial. The game looks great.

    I swear.. they should just air the Japanese commercials… the most whacked out Japanese Nintendogs commercial with NO TRANSLATION would still be 100 times more effective than this trash.

    Its embarrassing.

  15. stupid commercials.

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