Will Monster Hunter 4 see a life outside Japan?

Hmm, Monster Hunter, one of those franchises which divides people who live outside Japan, who idolise this series on par with Dragon Quest. Monster Hunter had continually struggled on PS2 due to the lack of a solid internet infrastructure and on the PSP where the controls made it uncomfortable to play for more then 30 minutes due to cramp. Capcom then made plans to create a third entry on the PS3 however high development costs meant it could only be launched in Japan, so they switched development to Wii where the money saved was used to try break into the western markets again. The tactic worked as Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) became a huge seller selling over 2.15 million units worldwide, granted a million of those sales were in Japan.

So when Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and Wii U releases here in the UK last year Capcoms hard work had paid off as the game sells out its intial stock far quicker then Nintendo of Europe predicted so there was weeks where you could not find a copy of the game. Capcom now needs to build on this strong foundation and launch Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS this year in the west. If Capcom needs proof of the strength of this series outside of Japan they only need to look at the countless Miiverse posts wishing for this game to be released, me included, I certainly hope they fulfil this request.

Do you think MH4 has a chance of being released in the west? If so what feature are you most excited about?



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